The Joyful Singers: 'God's Children'

   ... im Sommer 2018

God's Children - das erste eigene Programm von und mit Simon Berg.


"God's Children"  
Einzug: Let The Children Come (Text & M: H. Henschel & S. Berg/S. Berg)
To Raise A Child (Text & M: H. Henschel/J. Beyer)
Dear Family (Text & M: B. Mokoena & H. Henschel/J. Beyer)
Teach Your Children  
On Children  
Little David (Add. Text: Henschel)
We Are  
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel  
Walk Together, Children  
Tears In Heaven  
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child  
All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth  
Ooh Child
Amazing Grace  
Joyful Joyful  
Zugabe: Hallelujah
Zugabe: Oh Happy Day  
Auszug: Lord, Protect My Child  

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