The Joyful Singers: Texte

Faith Is

by Hans Henschel
(using thoughts and quotes from the movie 'Keeping The Faith', 2000)
Faith is not about knowing the answers.
It's like a gardener yearning for spring.
Faith is a hunch of the disheartened heart.
It's like being in trouble but starting to sing.
Faith is confidence, hope and believing.
It's giving fortitude deep down inside.
Faith is enduring when everything's breaking.
It's like the love of a faraway bride.
Faith is a challenge, it is a commitment
one has to consent to by now and by then.
Faith no-one gains to retain it forever.
Yet it's making a choice again and again.
chorus: May you heed your creed when temptation baits,
and keep your faith when the world is turning.
May you turn the world in the might of your faith
to free those imprisoned and sate those yearning.

   April 2014

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