The Joyful Singers: Texte

Dear Family

© Text: Boitumelo Mokoena (Bearbeitung: H. Henschel), Musik: Jürgen Beyer, 2009.

1 verses: Dear family, what can I say or do
For you're so understanding, kind and true.
My words are weak, your love is straight and strong,
Precious family, who taught me right from wrong.
2 Since childhood days you always tried to see
Beyond my naughty ways the good in me.
You always tried to make each heartache less,
Dear Family, with all your love and tenderness.
3 You sweetly smiled and always tried to make
This old world so much brighter for my sake.
You laughed with me in rainy weather too;
There'll never be another, another one like you.
4 Dear family, I believe God sees all the things we do,
And I am sure the Lord is pleased with you
And has reserved a wondrous place up there
For those who made the earth so worthwhile living here.
chorus: Dear family, you helped to light the way
That my two stumbling feet must walk today.
You helped to chase away my doubts and fear,
To bear from clouds a sky so bright and clear.

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