The Joyful Singers: Texte

Like A River Close To Sea

© Text: Hans Henschel, Musik: Jürgen Beyer, 2004.
    Deutsche Übertragung

chorus: like a river close to sea
's flowing calm and patiently
i am coming, oh my lord, have mercy!
when my voice is down and low
i can hear the trumpet blow
you are calling me, oh lord, have mercy!
verse: holy moses felt so tired
having made his people flee
and the lord showed up in fire
but he never, never, never
did allow his face to see.
(Exodus 33)
when i left my home and brothers
strolling like a tumbling die
well he always sent me others
who did ever, ever, ever
turn my mind back to rely.
bridge: ancient witness - come to guide me!
holy choir - lift my mind!
all ye brothers - be aside me!
when i come to see my lord so kind!
verse: i've seen trouble all around me
i know pain and grief and fear
but my lord, he always found me
and forever, -ever, -ever
made my heart believe he's near.
like the river -- close to sea
soloist: when you're calling -- give me patience
rise my mind up -- to perceive
give me brothers -- to hold on to
turn my heart back -- to believe

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